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Festival of Bigoli


The Bigoli, thick spaghetti kneaded without eggs, topped with tomato sauce, basil and ricotta cheese are one of the local dishes.

Bigoli, a term of uncertain origin, used only in the plural to identify a paste that has nothing to do with the spaghetti first, the flour is wheat flour instead of hard.
Due to their particular process, the tool is the famous classic bigolaro almost unobtainable, the surface is rough bigoli, essential because the sauce is absorbed, or "taken" as they usually say the cooks of race.
Their death (figuratively) is precisely with meat sauce (duck) and game or "sauce" with onions and anchovies.
Bigoli are sometimes called Moors, from the greek mauros and Latin Maurus, as they were called the people of Mauritania, the population that invaded Spain.
Trivia: in Emilia bigoli are quite different; but not a paste bait that is put on the hook by the fisherman to attract fish, while bigolo, incredible but true in Bologna and Ferrara is a cut of beef, the one in Venice called bonigolo.
Bigoli also have double: brigoli is typical of the Tiber Valley (where it was founded and runs the Tiber) that are associated with oil, tomato and cheese.