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Race of the Barrels


Traditional race of the barrels that takes place through the streets of the city, at the end taverns open with local products.

The Race of the barrels of Costacciaro born in 1991 at the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčArchangel Torcolini, the same inventor of the chariot race of Shard. The party does not appear to be linked to any religious figure, but rather celebrates the period of fermentation, hence the prize trophy of San Martino. He was held for more editions of the 90 then suspended because the turbulence between the two teams. In 2009 a group of young people by banning "Let youth" promoted the territorial No. 7 and the Regione Umbria, was able to recall the Race, in rewriting the rules and symbols. The festival is a real race of two barrels that roll around an axis which is attached to a rudder, pulled by a team of young, called "bottaioli". For each team there are also a leader bottaiolo, an innkeeper and a race director. The two barrels and their teams rely, in competition, in Costacciaro capital (La Porta Hostaria) and fractions, in particular that of the Villa Col 'de Canali (Hostaria de la Rocca). The race is divided into two rounds, or three in case of a tie, all-time. Triumphs who first succeeds in winning two victories. During the period of the festivals are staged their Hostarie. For the teams Costacciaro, the festival coincides with the Porte de Hostaria race day, while the Hostaria de la Rocca, one of the fractions, the merry evening the night before. In typical cellars of San Martino among others, chestnuts and wine are offered.