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The Caciara


This is a perfectly restored medieval building which takes its name from being used as a store and aging room for the “cacio” cheese. Today is home of the “University of the Men from Costacciaro”. This centuries-old university (it is at least 715 years old) extends over a surface of 1642,80 hectares, including part of the massif of Mt. Cucco, an area mostly covered by coppice and tall trees, pasture and bush. The University of the Men from Costacciaro today includes 42 residential families. Membership of this association is regulated by art. 99, chapter 14 of the Statute governing the management of assets owned by the University, approved on June 20th 1841, but which entered into force only after the signing in Urbino on October 9th 1852. For centuries the historic headquarters of the association had been housed in the glorious medieval Palace of the University, opposite the Town hall (former Franciscan Convent), but now they have been relocated to the “Caciara” following an accurate restoration.